Market: Tadawul Symbol: 8210 ISIN: SA1210540914 Sector: Insurance


Our journey towards becoming the leading health insurer in Saudi Arabia began in 1997, as a joint venture between The British United Provident Association Limited, a UK-based company, and the Nazer Group from Saudi Arabia. In 2008 we listed on the Saudi stock exchange through offering 40 percent of our shares to the public in what is the most successful IPO ever floated for an insurance company in Saudi Arabia, one that was oversubscribed by more than 900 percent.

Today we have an authorized and paid up capital of SAR 1,200 million, comprising 120 million issued shares.

As the first specialized health insurance company in the Kingdom, we are today the Kingdom’s largest health insurer, proactively reaching into the heart of the community, working towards helping millions live healthier and happier lives.


We strive to be our customers’ healthcare partner. We differentiate ourselves by rendering quality services that grant our customers access to the best healthcare facilities and that facilitate a more comfortable experience. We offer health insurance products and services that cater to the needs of the Kingdom’s corporations, government institutions, small and medium enterprises, and those they employ.

Our products and services represent a lifetime of care, that begins at the prenatal stage of life, on through maternity, and at later stages of life, where we seek to assist our members make healthier life choices in life through carefully designed programs such as Tebtom and Rahatkom offerings. Our uncompromising commitment to serving our customers has enabled us to achieve unparalleled growth over the years and to become the health insurer of choice to many in Saudi Arabia.


We have a vested interest in the wellbeing and development of all our employees by providing them with the same standard of care, support and professionalism that we expect to be delivered to our customers.

We are also proud to be one of the Kingdom’s largest employers of Saudi women; and for all that we do to help them develop as business professionals, and for the facilities and work place opportunities we offer we have been voted as the #1 company for Saudi female professionals to work at in Saudi Arabia.

We have also been honoured by the Saudi Ministry of Social Affairs for our corporate social responsibility efforts that include providing free health insurance, for more than 3,000 orphans in Saudi Arabia.


We plan to build on our leadership position through implementing our 2020 Strategic Vision, which is:

“Bupa Arabia is the greatest healthcare company in the Arab World. When it touches you, whether you are a member, an employee, or part of the community, you will live a healthier and happier life. We have written history.”

Our vision: “Taking care of the lives in our hands.”

Our values: “Passionate, Caring, Open, Authentic, Accountable, Courageous, Extraordinary.”

Our mission: “To be the Health and Care leader in Saudi Arabia by taking care of the lives in our hands.”


We have received numerous international and regional awards and nominations, and amongst which of the most relevant and recent include:

  • Best Medical Insurance Company 2017 – International Finance Magazine (2018 award).
  • Best Investor Relations Saudi Arabia 2017 – International Finance Magazine (2018 award).
  • Ranked 1st in Saudi Arabia in the Corporate Governance Index (CGI) rankings, for Public Disclosure & Transparency, and also the no 1 ranked insurance company, in the overall CGI rankings list, ranked 9th of all Saudi listed companies, and in the top 10 overall rankings for the second successive year since the awards began, at the AlFaisal University’s second Annual Corporate Governance Conference, for strong Corporate Governance practices during 2016 (2018 award).
  • Runner up in the Lean Transformation Category of the inaugural Four Principles Kaizen Awards of 2018.
  • Ranked 13th in the Saudi Arabia’s Great Workplaces of 2017 awards (2018 award).
  • Ranked 8th most powerful brand in Saudi Arabia and the number one insurance brand – MISK foundation at the NEXT festival (2017 award).
  • Ranked 37th of the best 100 companies in Saudi Arabia by Al-Eqtisadeya (2017 award).


Stock price
Trading Volume
Currency SAR
Previous Close 104.40
Change (%) -0.38
Trading Volume 118,343
Number of Outstanding Shares (mn) 120.00
Market Cap (SR mn) 12,528.00
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2016 2017 2018
Summary Profit Results (SR'000)      
Gross Written Premiums 7,938,630 7,732,961 8,566,648
Net Earned Premiums 7,667,316 7,672,314 8,150,242
Net Underwriting Result




Total Expenses 915,201 863,084 777,587
Investment Income 130,392 158,241 184,150
Policyholders' share of insurance operations' surplus 65,395 50,392 48,727
Net Income 630,705 500,614 525,431
Summary Balance Sheet (SR'000)      
Total Assets 7,155,458 7,532,337 8,271,896
Total Insurance Operations' Liabilities and Surplus 4,921,382 4,949,506 5,363,639
Total Shareholders' Liabilities 207,022 261,494 333,940
Total Shareholders' Equity 2,027,054 2,321,337 2,574,317
Key Performance Indicators      
Loss Ratio 80.6% 83.5% 83.3%
Contribution Margin 19.4% 16.5% 16.7 %
Expense Ratio 12.9% 12.1% 9.1 %
Net Income Margin 8.2% 6.5% 6.4 %
ROE 34.2% 23.0% 18.2%
Weighted average no of ordinary shares (thousands) 79,826 119,674 119,614
Basic earnings per share (SAR) 7.90 4.18 4.39